Explozen's Andromeda Daughter of a King

Explozen's Gandalf "Boston"

Mystique of Rowns "Mystique" med matte Tess

Cezeta Rookie of the Year "Max" & Dual Master's Arctic Blue "Sono"

Conviction's Enduro "Dante" & Convictions's Elite "Varja"

Zican's Hope for FW "Jersey"

Black Jack King of Rings "Brooklyn"

Zican's Fortune Teller "Nitro" & Zican's Hope for FW "Jersey"

Quirina Rockstone "Cobra"

Bringemo's Drive on Sunset BLVD "Rozz" & Quirina Rockstone "Cobra"

Melwood's Casey Dior "Leah"

Conviction's Elite "Varja" & Redrock of Bazotown "Skillet"

Capa Tosta Not the Yellow Type "Rozzo"

Gang Staff All That Magic, PassionStaff Sapfo & PassionStaff Oceanus

Angel In Disguise Red Hot Tiger

Winning Spirit & Anbardiz